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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Weblog Assignment #2

Online Rumor

What is an online rumor? An online rumor is a history that people talk about. But that may not be true through mediums of online. This article “In South Korea, online rumors can hit hard.” Indicates it that online rumors often occur in South Korea. As South Korea is one of the most developed Internet communities, it stimulates the practice of people using the internet many times together with development of Internet. However, it also generated many problems like cyber violence. The article shows 2 histories of some people who were damaged by online rumors and online mob attacks. These stories that I also knew imply online rumors and online mob attacks make rumor’s subject like a fugitive. Netizens accuse Kim Myong-Jae falsely and although “dog-poop girl” had sin, it is a too serious step.

Surprisingly, these rumors and mod attacks occur many times in South Korea. Then, what is the reason of these rumors and mob attacks? Probably, it is anonymity. Until now, Korea’s popular portals admit anonymity at the bulletin boards and chat rooms. Therefore, it is possible for serious rumors and mob attacks to occur. 2 months ago, popular actress, Kim Tae-Hee, experienced wild rumors. The rumor’s contents, that she is pregnant and the baby’s father is a famous businessman, made her shocked. When she heard the rumors the first time, she ignored them. But it is more serious. Finally, she accused netizens who spread rumors. The netizens who are arrested said that I can abuse, because of hiding my name. I regret my sin. Like this, the reason of rumors and mob attacks is anonymity. Therefore, many portals and websites must apply to confirm the identities of visitors, even if many natizens oppose it. But most important of things is natizen’s attitude to keep the online rules and not use abuse about rumors.


  • I agree that people should not abuse their right to be anonymous. What's happening in Korea is very interesting!

    By Blogger tom, at 9:21 PM  

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