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Monday, December 04, 2006

MadonnaVS. paparazzi


Paparazzi is a photographer who follows celebrities in order to get interesting photographs of them to sell to the newspapers or magazines. Like this, in getting interesting photographs, sometimes paparazzi bothers celebrities. The article “Madonna Bruised By Paparazzi” is a good example to explain paparazzi’s too excessive behavior in getting interesting photographs. At that time, she had the baby in her arms, but paparazzi started to take a picture, so she was jostled around and bruised by paparazzi. Fortunately, her baby was not hurt and she was a slightly hurt; it could have been a bigger accident.

Unfortunately, these cases have occured many times. A few days ago, I heard that an actress, Angelina Jolie, and who I like was hurt because of paparazzi. She was escaping to avoid paparazzi, finally, she caused a car accident in India. Luckily, she was only slightly hurt. But I was very angry as her fan. Did we remember the accident? We must remember the accident in which Princess Dianna died in a car accident in Paris. As we see, her car was being chased by paparazzi. Something that made me more angry was that paparazzi who killed her felt no responsibility about her death. I suggest an interesting judgment. A famous Japan soccer player prosecuted a paparazzi and a newspaper publishing company that published a picture of him kissing a girlfriend. He protested that they violated his privacy but the Japanese court didn’t accept his opinion. According to Japanese court, because he is a celebrity, he is not regarded as having privacy. I don’t agree with the court’s judgment. It is too severe a judgment. They are also normal people, like us, even if they are celebrities. We have the obligation to protect their privacy. If you are a celebrity who is bothered by paparazzi, can you bear it? I’m sure it is impossible. Therefore, I thought we must have laws to limit the actions of paparazzi and we must protect their privacy.


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