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Friday, December 08, 2006

Internet Addiction Test


What is an Internet addict? An Internet addict is someone who is unable to stop them own use of the Internet and is badly off normal life. The article “Internet addiction test”shows a 20-item questionnaire that measures Internet addiction. It looks like an interesting thing, but at this moment we feel nervous. When I saw the questions, I worried about whether I am an Internet addict, because I also like to use Internet every day like other people. It is natural that I should be worried. Fortunately, I was happy, because I am an average on-line user.

Internet addiction is a serious problem in our society. We already know Internet addiction’s serious aspect. As we see, Internet addicts has many problems that are a lack of sleep, lateness for appointments and separation from community. Surprisingly, Internet addiction is a cause that Internet addicts to die. 3months ago,In South Korea, a man who played an Internet games for 3days died. He was known of an Internet addict. Then, how does an Internet addict overcome Internet addiction? I think the most important thing is our help for the Internet addict to overcome it spontaneously. We can connect the Internet addicts to experts, and we didn’t press addicts to do it. Another method is that we must control by ourselves. Like this, we learned of the danger of Internet addiction. It is a very serious problem, because we must have an interest in that and protect against Internet addiction.


  • I took this test, I'm not internet addict. What about you?

    By Blogger M A H A, at 1:32 AM  

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