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Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello to less privacy

This article talks about privacy. Some people violate other people’s privacy using cell phone. These days, many cell phones have a function is take a picture. Particularly, it is possible to take a picture stealthily as well as take a picture any situation. Because of this, many people can use cell phone to take a picture; moreover, this situation makes an internet site, kid of You Tube, ; therefore, it is at issue in society. Celebrities as well as regular people’s privacy are object. And many pictures are teenagers must not see it such as sex and drinking.

I think taking a picture without permission is crime. We know privacy is important to everybody. If we think about it we find our picture on the web site, how did you feel? Answer is simple. It is good government controls the problem but most important thing is we keep and respect other’s privacy ourselves.


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